Prof.Kazem OraeeKazem Oraee was born in 1954 in Iran. He completed his school education in Iran and university education in the UK. He received two first degrees in Mining Engineering (1978) and Mathematics (1981), Master’s degree in Technological Economics (1979) and a PhD in Economics of Mining (1983). Professor Oraee has taught in several universities in Iran in the fields of Mining Engineering and Technological Economics, and has supervised over 90 Master’s degree and PhD research projects. Professor Oraee has received several prestigious award including the professor of the year title (2007) and medal for excellence (2009).

His exact fields of specialization are underground mining methods (design and operation) and mining economics (finance). He also has extensive practical experience in the mining and minerals industry. He has authored 15 books and more than 300 research papers. These are all listed on the top.